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Transforming a Factory District to a Trendy Retail Neighborhood

From opening Artists Frame Service in what was once an abandoned factory district to welcoming new neighbors like the Apple Store, Jay Goltz has spent pretty much every day on Clybourn Avenue since 1978. There’s no one better to tell the story of how Chicago’s Clybourn Corridor rose from the ruins of the Industrial Age to become one of the city’s trendiest retail destinations.

Competing with Giants: One Retailer’s Journey

Can the small retailers of today compete with the big box stores? Jay Goltz says yes, and can tell you how he does it.

Recession Reinvention: The New Normal

See how a small retail group met recent recession challenges with real-time, proactive strategies, including the Jayson Home Warehouse Sale, the Sunday Frame Outlet, new channels, in-house product design and better sourcing.

A 360° Perspective on Business

The Goltz Group’s diversified offering gives owner, Jay Goltz, a full-circle perspective on business. Since his company spans five business channels, he is uniquely qualified to share insights on retail, distribution, manufacturing, direct sales and e-commerce.

City Style, Horse-Country Charm and Global Inspiration

Find out how Jayson Home’s buyers, Devin Kirk and Caroline Scheeler, shop the world, translating their divergent aesthetics into the store’s sought-after look and into their own homes – his in Chicago’s grittier Uptown, hers in Chicago’s horse country.

The Rise of Jayson Home

As they celebrate 20 years, discover how this home decor shop in the Midwest became the go-to resource for some of the country’s biggest interior designers.

Giving New Life to Old Real Estate Inventory

The Goltz Group revitalized and repurposed an old cast iron stove factory on Chicago’s west side for its production and warehouse facilities and made room for a museum tribute to the original 1912 owners at the same time.